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Corporate Charge Account

ABQ Cab Company has developed strong relationships with many types of businesses including hospitals, schools, insurance providers, downtown businesses and others. We are the preferred transportation provider for many large corporations. We pride ourselves on being the best at serving Albuquerque's business community.

ABQ Cab Company is pleased to offer our corporate charge accounts to businesses throughout the City of Albuquerque. With the convenience of our monthly billing statements you can track numerous customer or employees' cab usage and receive one combined bill for the month. Once you have signed up and your request has been approved, ABQ Cab Company will issue cab vouchers that are assigned specifically to your account for each fare that is charged.

At the end of the month a statement will be mailed to you including copies of all of the vouchers used during that billing cycle. Your accounts payable department should easily and quickly be able to reconcile our statements.

For more information about our corporate charge accounts, please contact us at:

505-883-4888 x107
Monday through Friday
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

To start the process of setting up your own ABQ Cab Corporate Account, contact the Business Development Department, 505-883-4888 x107 and we'll start entering you into our system right away. An Account Manager is available to answer any questions and determine how we can best fulfill your unique needs or requirements.

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